Amazon Echo with Alexa Voice Control Personal Assistant, Bluetooth Speaker, Black

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The first generation Amazon Echo was Amazon’s first smart speaker. It provides music playback from various online streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music as well as from mobile devices using a Bluetooth connection. The black speaker can also connect to external speakers via Bluetooth if you want more punch than it can provide by itself. Even on its own, though, the Echo’s 2.5 inch speaker and independent tweeter speaker provide clear, sharp, omnidirectional sound. If you have more than one Echo, you can also sync them up to play the same audio in different rooms of your house. The main feature of the Echo, though, is Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Alexa responds to voice commands and will play and pause music, adjust the volume, and play tracks by specific artists when told to. She can also search the Internet to find you the latest weather reports and news headlines. Her features aren’t limited to media playback and weather updates, either. The Echo can be linked to compatible apps and smart home devices. Depending on how you set up your Echo with partnered apps, Alexa can adjust the heating in your home, turn your lights on and off, call you a cab, and even make phone calls.

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